There are a lot of executive coaches out there. I know because I am one. I also know that with such a crowded market,there are a lot of voices in the coaching conversation. Some of these voices and the information they share can be contradictory, or the sheer volume can be overwhelming. 

With so much on your plate, let me clarify what executive coaching is actually all about. 

In simple terms, an executive coach is a dedicated partner who is ready to help you transform professionally (and personally, too) by elevating your inherent strengths and addressing the unique complexities of your role - in your organization and elsewhere. 

A coach can guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Personally, I combine empathy, curiosity and accountability into each session to help you unveil the layers of your leadership style, while challenging your perspectives and equipping you with the strategies for sustainable success and fulfillment. 

I help people make real, measurable progress in enhancing skills and helping them navigate an ever-changing workplace culture, improving decision-making, work-life balance and relationships with peers. But, like any good coach, I don’t do this for you. 

Instead, an executive coach will help you create a plan that helps you take action, make progress and see results. Essentially, I help you help yourself, but you remain in the driver’s seat. 

The benefits to coaching are undeniable: for every dollar invested in coaching, the return was nearly six times that amount. In addition to value, there are other long-term benefits to executive coaching: enhanced skills, improved organization, raised confidence and better relationships. 

If you’re considering coaching, take our Leader Complexity Index assessment. This tool will help you determine if executive coaching is right for you - pinpointing the specific challenges you face in your role and guiding your decision to pursue a personalized coaching journey. 

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