One of the biggest pieces of feedback I get is that leaders don’t have time for coaching. After all, executives are super busy people with a lot on their plates both at work and in their personal lives. I often hear from the people I interact with that they feel like they’re drowning and that it’s virtually impossible to take on one more thing. 

I want to flip that thinking. Being busy is a good thing, and feeling too overwhelmed to find time for coaching is exactly the reason executives should take on coaching. 

But we’ll never be ready. We’ll never just wake up one day and “feel” ready. More free time won’t just show up in a calendar one day. Instead, we need to make a conscious choice - a decision to commit to action. That commitment may seem like an additional stress in the short term, but in the long run, it creates the free time and organizational skills that are imperative to success

Coaching helps leaders manage their time better. It offers a support structure.

It’s not just a course that requires passive attendance but instead provides tangible tools and actively helps leaders manage real-life situations and obstacles. Coaching helps executives use their time more effectively, helping to manage or remove that feeling of drowning. 

A common thought among those who haven’t experienced coaching before is that the training takes away from the time that could be spent executing other high-priority tasks. But, in fact, my role is to help leaders perform the most important work better. It’s about slowing down to speed up, about taking a pause and looking at the tasks at hand through a refreshed, educated lens. 

Realistically, coaching is a key tool to learning how to effectively manage your workload as a leader and human being. It’s the only way to progress things forward with more success. 

I work with leaders over 12 months to help them through a variety of challenges and scenarios so they can build the clarity, courage and commitment to accelerate as leaders for their company. I teach them how to effectively use their time to achieve their goals and complete tasks efficiently without feeling overwhelmed. I help executives manage their time out of leadership issues. 

Commit to readiness. Book a call today and learn more about the benefits of executive coaching, and understand how I can help you effectively and efficiently manage your time.