You know you are good at what you do and you’re getting great results. Your team members are engaged, enjoy working with you and you’re building a strong team.  

But yet… 

You don’t feel valued. You are not getting promoted, and you suspect you’re being paid less than your peers. 

Here’s the hard truth…

You’re likely working too hard. 

Well, it’s quite likely because you’re working too hard.  

Yes, you read that right.  You’re working too hard!  Ok. I hear you. It’s your hard work that’s got you to where you are today.   

But sadly – what got you here won’t get you to the next level of leadership, impact or recognition.  

There is no doubt that working hard was a great strategy in your early career but it’s not enough as you step into more senior leadership roles. 

Relying on hard work at this level of leadership will only lead to resentment, frustration and ultimately burnout. 

You are way too smart and have way too much to offer to remain overlooked and underappreciated. And right now, more than ever, organizations NEED what you have to offer. 

It’s time to focus on what will get you a valued position at the leadership table. 

If you are being overlooked… here’s what to do:

1. Stop being a “super-manager”

“Super Manager” has you stuck in the weeds of the day to day, leading you to be busy but not necessarily effective. 

Strategic Leader is working on the bigger picture, supports true change, innovation and transformation. Rather than staying stuck in the day to day, you are working to move the organization and team forward. 

If your days are filled with primarily busy work – then chances are you’re a super manager. You’re focused on the details rather than the big picture. You’re getting trapped in the day to day implementation rather than being seen as a strategic leader who can move the business forward. 

Sadly, being a super manager does not get you the recognition or access to the best roles or a seat at the leadership table. It’s Strategic Leadership that does. 

2. Step up and lead

If you’re a leader – you need to be leading. Many women I speak to are so busy ‘doing’ the day to day tasks that they neglect to make time to actually lead.    

The work of building and managing a high performing team, of setting the strategy and making progress on the big strategic projects is relegated to ‘when I have time’. But of course, you never have time.  

Leadership is about being proactive and prioritizing the work that matters. You need to be ok with saying NO, delegating the busy work and truly step up to fully take on the role of leader.  

3. Focus on developing strategic relationships

Putting your head down and working hard usually means that you are too busy to be building strategic relationships.   

But building relationships with the key decision-makers in your business and in your industry is not something to do when you have time. It’s something you have to make time to do, given that it’s critical to advancing your career.   

Having people who know you, appreciate your contribution and advocate for you is priceless and well worth the investment of your time and energy. 

Being overlooked is frustrating and can impact your confidence. 

Instead of staying stuck let’s work together to build a plan to move your career forward. 

The good news is… big change is usually not required. Tiny tweaks are all it takes.

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